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Text Box: RUMI ESSAYS: On the Life, Poetry, and Vision of the Greatest Persian Sufi Poet  (2016)
Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi, a 13th-centry Persian Sufi poet, is one of the most widely-read poets today. But who was Rumi really? How do we know what we know about him? How did he become a passionate poet of love? What was the nature of the relationship between Rumi and his beloved friend Shams? What are the key notions in the thousands of Rumi poems? What are Rumiís essential teachings for transformation and spiritual growth? How can we use his poetry as meditation? How is Rumi related to our modern world and life? How do Rumiís views compare with the teachings of the Buddha? What is the position of Jesus Christ in Rumiís poetry and faith? Why is Rumiís poetry so popular seven centuries after his life? These are among the major questions explored in this book.
This comprehensive package of information and reflections on Rumiís life, poetry, and vision draws on original works in Persian including Rumiís own poetry and historical texts. This volume of essays will be useful to all who want to understand Rumi in greater detail in order to better situate his ideas and better appreciate his poetry.
[1] Introduction: Why Rumi Matters	
[2] Inspiration: Be Like Melting Snow	
[3] Poet of Love and Peace	
[4] Master Rumi: The Path to Poetry, Love and Enlightenment
[5] Rumiís Life and Spiritual Journey	
[6] Rumiís Roots: The Historical Rumi
[7] Rumi and the Buddha: Correlative Ideas on Spiritual Awakening
[8] Sufi and Buddhist Teachings: Views from Rumiís Poetry and Life
[9] Jesus Christ in Rumiís Poetry and Parables	
[10] Rumiís Poems on Jesusí Breath	
[11] In the Ocean of Rumi 	
[12] Love and Life in Rumiís Poetry	
[13] A Map of the Heart in Rumiís Poetry	
[14] Rumiís Poetry as a Guiding Light	
[15] Rumiís Poems for Meditation and Life	
[16] Rumi Comes to America	
[17] Why is Rumi a Best-Selling Poet in America?	
[18] Book Reviews	
[Appendix I] A Chronology of Rumiís Life & Family	
[Appendix II] Glossary and Transliteration	
[Appendix II] Rumiy‚t: A Guide to Rumi Studies
	Notes and References	
	Index of Names

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