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Sound and Sight

View of Rumi’s Mausoleum, Konya, Turkey
Sacred Sites: Rumi in Konya
Rumi’s poems (Coleman Barks)  on Peaceful Rivers website 
Maurice Bejart: “Rumi” music by Kudsi Erguner
Whirling Dance of Dervishes  Turkey
Whirling Dervishes of Damascus, on Youtube
“Spiritual Essence of Music” Roya Bahrami (Rumi Forum, 5 Feb. 2008)
Rumi Ensemble: A Persian/Norwegian Chamber Orchestra 
Rumi Ensemble concert, Oslo, November 2007 on Youtube
Mehr Ensemble, Torino, Italy, on Youtube
Rumi in the Blink of the Eye,  Revanna Festival, Italy, on Youtube
Rumi: Path to Enlightenment, Winner of the 2005 Lester Horton award, choreographed by Anna Djanbazian & performed at the UCLA Freud Playhouse, on Youtube
Dance Mystical, on Youtube

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Text Box: Rumi: CDs in English

Rumi: Fountain of Fire, Nader Khalili and Qalbi (1999) CD
When Days Have No Nights (The Songs of Rumi Music by Mischa), CD (200o)
Rumi Poetry, 2 CD set, music and voice by Christopher Love (2001)
The Lament of the Reed—Rumi, recited by S.H. Nasr, music by Suleyman Erguner (2001)
Say I am You, W.A. Mathieu, CD (2003)
Rumi and Strings, W.A. Mathieu, CD (2005)
Rumi: Voice of Longing, Coleman Barks (2001)
Rumi: Five Things to Say, Coleman Barks (2006)
Song of the Sun: The Life, Poetry and Teachings of Rumi (Audiobook), Andrew Harvey (2006)
Rumi: True Love, Sina (2006)
Rumi’s Love, Sina (2009)
 Rumi: Love Drunk, Shahram Shiva (2009)
What Was Said to the Rose, Barks/Barry/Phillips (2004)
Give Light: Rumi, Barks/Slomovits (2007) 
Rumi: Gamble Everything for Love, Barks/Slomovitz, CD (2009)
Just Being Here: Rumi and Human Friendship (Audiobook), Coleman Barks (2011)


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“Poetry and mysticism are both universal languages of the human soul and nowhere do they reinforce each other more than in the life and legacy of Jalaluddin Rumi.”
Huston Smith, 2000

“He [Rumi] offends no one and includes everyone, as a perfect human being who is in search of love, truth and the unity of the human soul … One of the great humanists, philosophers and poets who belongs to humanity.”
UNESCO, 2006

“I think for Rumi joy is primary. To some people, the world is filled with grief, but Rumi would say, ‘I think that the world is primarily graceful, a gift.”
Coleman Barks, 1995 , in conversation with Bill Moyers

“Maulana [Rumi] calls us to participate in the dance that moves through the universe, to circle around the Sun of Love.”
Annemarie Schimmel, 1992

“He was also a man of profound insight into the nature of [hu]man.”
Erich Fromm, 1965

“In Rumi the Persian mystical genius found its supreme expression.” 
“It may well be argued that he  is the supreme mystical poet of all mankind.”
Arthur J.  Arberry       1950, 1961

“Rumi is without doubt the most eminent Sufi poet whom Persia produced, while his mystical Masnawi deserves to rank amongst the great poems of all time.”
Edward Browne, 1906
Text Box: Rumi on the Internet:
Recitations & Songs

In English Translation
True Love Rumi: Poetry recitations with background music by Sina
Coleman Barks reciting Rumi poems www.movingpoems/poet/jalal-ad-din-rumi
Rumi, The Way of the Heart: Recitation by Tamir
Now with Bill Moyers  on PBS: Coleman Barks recites poems from Rumi, 11 April 2003

Coleman Barks on PoetryEverywhereTV on Youtube

Coleman Barks on Poetry of Gratefulness 2008 on Youtube

In Rumi’s Language (Persian)
Rumi: Kist bar dar (“Who is at the door?”) recited by Fereshteh Aghyan on Youtube
Rumi: Bejastam (“I’m liberated”) recited by Aida on Youtube
Bahman Solati recites poems of Mawlana Rumi and other Persian poets on Youtube
Bahman Sharif recites poems of Mawlana Rumi
Rumi: Sang shekâf may konad (“Even the stone shatters”) recited by Mariam Azizi on Youtube
Baz Amadam (I’ve come again”), a Rumi song by Mamak Khadem on Youtube
Rumi: Ensânam Arezoost (“Human in my desire”) sung by Tahereh Salmasi
Rumi: Beshno az Nay (“Listen to this flute”) sung by Ustad Mahwash on Youtube
Songs by Mawlana Rumi and other classical Persian poets sung and played by the contemporary masters (Ganj-e Hozur series) viewed on 
Shams Ensemble Rumi Concert on Youtube

Text Box: Rumi: 
Lectures & Interviews

“The Ecstatic Faith of Rumi,” Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippet

Tiferet Talk  on Rumi with  Melissa Studdard
June 24, 2012,

Coleman Barks in an interview with Duncan Campbell (
One Through Love programs hosted by Parisa Soultani
“Heart and Soul: Rumi” on BBC, 25 November 2007 by Shusha Guppy
National Public Radio, interviews with Hossein Nasr and Robert Bly, 28 September 2007  (
Franklin Lewis’ lecture on Rumi
Harvard lectures on Rumi by Dr. Soroush  also found on Youtube 
Dr. Majid Naini’s speeches about Rumi (Persian and English) on Youtube
An interview with Prof. Annemarie Schimmel about Rumi available on Youtube
BBC Program on Rumi: The Mystic, The Poet (BBC Persian, Pargar interview). In Persian
BeliefNet Online has a selection on Rumi 

Text Box: Rumi: DVDs

Rumi: Poesie Des Islam (2009), DVD
Rumi Returning: The Triumph of Divine Passion, DVD, by Heaven on Earth Creations (2008)
Rumi: Turning Ecstatic, DVD, by Tina Petrova (2007);
Rumi: Poet of the Heart, VHS/DVD, directed by Hayden Reiss (1998);
Rumi: The Wings of Love, VHS, directed by Shems Friedlander (2002);
Text Box: Rumi: CDs in Persian    Music or Readings 

 Mystified: Poetry of Rumi, Shahram Nazeri, CD music (1997)
Through Eternity: Homage to Molavi Rumi, Shahram Nazeri, CD music (1999)
The Passion of Rumi, Shahram Nazeri, CD music(2007)
Songs of Rebirth: A Tribute to Rumi, Ali Reza Ghorbani, CD music (2010)
Koorosh Angalil Recites Rumi, vol. 1, CD recitation in Persian (1997)
Rumi: FifteenPoems from Divane Shams, CD, recited by Kayhan Ghodsi (2010)
Text Box: Some Other Rumi Websites
Text Box: Rumi Forum  Founded in 1999 for “interfaith dialogue and intercultural understanding,” based in Washington D.C.
Text Box: For Lovers of Rumi  A UK-based website dedicated to Rumi. Thanks to Nihat Tsolak!
Text Box: Dar al-Masnavi  A Rumi universe to be explored. Thanks to Ibrahim Gamard!
Text Box: A Tribute to Rumi  A fun to read and see website by Shahriar Shahriari.
Text Box: Mevlana Net  By the Mevlana/Chelebi family in Turkey.
Text Box: Dr. Majid Naini
Text Box: One Through Love, hosted by Parisa Soultani. Webcast interviews and programs.