Text Box: Interreligious Insight
www.interreligiousinsight.org  A quarterly, subtitled “A Journal of Dialogue and Engagement”

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Text Box: Here we list links to several literature-art websites which may of interest to our visitors.
Disclaimer: The Rumi Poetry Club is not responsible for the contents of the linked websites. 
Text Box: Rain Taxi Review of Books
www.raintaxi.com  A book review quarterly, print and online, published from Minneapolis
Text Box: Rumi Poetry Club
Text Box: Celebrating Inspirational Words & Perennial Wisdom
Text Box: Selected Magazines 
Text Box: Tiferet
www.tiferetjournal.com “A Journal of Spiritual Literature,” published twice a year 
Text Box: Kyoto Journal
www.kyotojournal.org  “Perspectives from Asia,” a quarterly journal published from Japan
Text Box: Bidoun 
www.bidoun.org/magazine/ “Bidoun” (“Without” in Persian), a contemporary art and culture magazine featuring the Middle East; quarterly published from New York

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Text Box: Mawlana Rumi Review
www.mawlanarumireview.com A new journal edited by Dr. Leonard Lewisohn at the University of Exeter, UK
Text Box: Orion
www.orionmagazine.org  “Nature, Culture, Place;” a bimonthly magazine blending literature, culture and the environment, published from Massachusetts.
Text Box: Pilgrimage Magazine 
http://pilgrimagepress.org/  “Story, Spirit, Witness, Place,” a small, beautiful publication from Southwest USA. 
Text Box: Parabola
www.parabola.org  A quarterly journal devoted to quest for meaning through the world of  myths, parables, and ancient literature 
Text Box: Poets & Writers
www.pw.org  A magazine published since 1970; six times a year 
Text Box: The Kenyon Review
www.kenyonreview.com  Published since 1939, a prestigious quarterly on literature
Text Box: Resurgence
www.resurgence.org  A UK-based magazine “at the heart of earth, art and spirit;” six times a year
Text Box: Utne Reader
www.utne.com  “The Best of the Alternative Press,” a bimonthly magazine. 
Text Box: The Paris Review
www.theparisreview.org A literary journal published quarterly since 1953. 
Text Box: Ode Magazine
www.odemagazine.com  “For Intelligent Optimists” published since 1995; 8 issues/year. 
Text Box: Poetry Magazine
www.poetryfoundation.org  “Published since 1912 by Poetry Foundation.  Monthly
Text Box: Cross Currents
http://crosscurrents.org “For people of faith and intelligence,” published quarterly
Text Box: Smithsonian
www.smithsonianmag.com Published monthly by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.
Text Box: National Geographic Magazine
www.ngm.nationalgeographic.com “Inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888” Monthly
Text Box: Utah Connections
Text Box: Catalyst magazine, Salt Lake City
http://catalystmagazine.net/ Monthly
Text Box: Salt Lake City Public Library
Text Box: Salt Lake Tribune
Text Box: The Daily Utah Chronicle
www.dailyutahchronicle.com  The University of Utah students’ magazine
Text Box: Quarterly West
www.quarterlywest.utah.edu The University of Utah’s literary magazine. Quarterly
Text Box: Salt Lake City Weekly
Text Box: High Desert Journal
http://highdesertjournal.com  “A literary and visual art magazine published twice a year from Oregon. 
Text Box: Selected Literary Magazines on New Pages
Text Box: Granta
www.granta.com  A British literary magazine of New Writing founded in 1899 at Cambridge
Text Box: World Literature Today
http://www.ou.edu/worldlit published by the University of Oklahoma
Text Box: University of Utah, English Dept.
Text Box: Westminster College, English Dept.
Text Box: BYU, English Dept.
Text Box: Utah State University, English Dept.
Text Box: University of Utah Middle East Library
Text Box: Eastern Arts Utah
www.easternartists.com  Dedicated to music and dance from the cradle of civilization
Text Box: Yoshida Gallery
www.yoshidagallery.com  Paintings inspired by Rumi, Zen & Nature.  Enjoy it!
Text Box: Salt Lake Acting Company
Text Box: Pioneer Theatre Company
www.pioneertheatre.org at the University of Utah 
Text Box: Jung Society of Utah
Text Box: Utah Humanities Council
Text Box: Utah State Poetry Society
Text Box: Writers @ Work Utah
Text Box: League of Utah Writers
Text Box: City Art
Text Box: Utah Arts & Museums
Text Box: University of Utah Middle East Center
Text Box: University of Utah Asia Center
Text Box: Salt Lake Magazine
www.saltlakemagazine.com/ Monthly
Text Box: Utah Shakespeare Festival
Text Box: Utah Shakespeare Festival
Text Box: Monika Jalili (Persian music)
www.monikajalili.biz Based in Salt Lake City
Text Box: Interfaith Market Place